Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

Ok -- so ... I have the Real™ job and all that-- and it's new so I don't have enough Staycation™ to cover the Summer; But really -- who cares? I am going to do something, because, well, it's Summer now (almost), and I am in paradise, and I may not live that long. This si all fairly assumptive -- since I don't have any tags yet. And it doesn't even consider pig hunting.

Here's the drill:

Mendocino National Forest, CA -- Scouting -- June 28-29
Grants Pass, Oregon -- Planning -- July 4 -7
Mendocino NF, CA -- Archery Blacktail Deer -- July 12-13
TBD -- California Blacktail -- August 9-10
Hermit Valley, CA -- Archery Sierra Mule Deer -- August 15-18
Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Oregon -- Western Archery Deer -- August 29-32
Hermit Valley -- Sierra Mule Deer -- Sept 27-28