Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh ... That

It's been awhile. Tomorrow, I'd like to try to ride my bike to work. It's not easy. I am going to catch a 7:07 train ... which means up before 6. I want to try to hike around Angel Island this weekend ... 6 miles. Try.

Yes try. It's been about 3 1/2 months since the hike to Half Dome which left me with a broken foot, followed several weeks later with dislocating a toe on the other foot. I've had several weeks of Physical Therapy, seen several kinds of doctors, used Chinese medicine, and done my best to keep using it (my foot). I have walked, run, climbed, worked out, trained, swam and travelled against all advice. Following their advice, I have exercised my feet, ankles, calves and hamstrings for hours on end ... towel crunches ... left and rights, hamstring curls, achilles stretches -- the list goes on. Last week I had a fairly serious workout including weights and running ... and more running. Over the weekend I was in Oregon, mostly driving. Monday night I went to the climbing gym and abused myself pretty seriously.

Today my body hurts in a serious post-climbing way. My back aches across the shoulders ... My core is absolutely trash. My wrists and hands hurt. The skin on my fingers is sore. And I have stripes of pain on the inside and outside of my legs.

My feet really don't hurt all that much.

I am pretty comfortable with the idea that I won't be up to 100% for a while. Maybe even as long as a year. But I am starting to feel that I will be able to plan some trips, or do a few hikes, return to training, and be able to rely on it again

Which is a good thing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Complicated ...

Yep, it's complicated. In my experience, even the simplest of relationships is pretty complicated. I changed my facebook status to "it's complicated," to which Facebook announced to all my friends that "Shawn is now in a complicated relationship." Brilliant. I was already in a complicated relationship I wasn't talking all that much about. I just now decided to mention it. The announcement doesn't say anything about the previous state, since I had not said anything before. So it sounds like I am starting a new relationship.

The choices for relationships in facebook are it's complicated, married, in a relationship, single, widowed, engaged, in an open relationship, and the additional option of no statement at all (imagine the movie title for that one).

How often does one enter a relationship with a status of it's complicated. Not very often ... I am thinking. Sometimes, but I submit that rarely "it's complicated" is the first choice in a new relationship. The truth though, is that none of the status descriptions listed above are suitable for any relationship that I am in. It's intersting that there are 5 ways to describe a "committed" romantic relationship, and just two kinds of single. Clearly there's a bias towards affairs of the heart, so I'll stick to those.

I find the number of choices to be less than effective at describing the status of a relationship. I would prefer ad-hoc text to allow me to describe my relationship, but short of that it would be easy enough to expand the list. Here's a list of suggestions (Shawn is in a(n) ______ relationship(s)):

Fucked Up
Mind Blowing
More Than One
Scrape the Skin Off the Ceiling

This list could go on for a while. Since we live in a place where serial monogamy is more than common, I'd like to toy with the steps a relationship might follow towards it's inevitable failure. I'm Interested, Tempting, Dating, Secret, Hot, Ecstatic, Comfortable, Irritating ... did I mention Boring ... then suddenly, It's Complicated. Do you see where this is going? It's complicated might be used when you're sleeping with your boss, or dating your ex, who's actually married to one of your friends, or whenever it's convenient not to try to clarify what's actually happening, but rather, to just put everyone off. Ummm ... "I'm not telling."

When I first looked (some time ago) at the list, I said ... I don't really like to define myself as single, I'm not really in a relationship ... so exclude the info from the profile. Later ... I decided not to share anyting about any relationship I was in. Not all that complicated, but ... there's not so much to talk about.

Right now, it's complicated. I think it's going to get uncomplicated soon.