Sunday, August 25, 2013

Japanese Inspred Woodworkers Toolbox

 My day really got going with lunch at Su's Mongolian BBQ..   

Lately I have been going through my tools, my studio, my gear, with an eye toward organizing it and reducing it. 

I have a fairly good toolbox, it's one of the 5 foot high multi-drawed thing from Lowes or where ever.  It's stuffed to the gills.  I have a lot of tools.  Auto tool, sculpture tools, woodworking tools.  The list goes on.  I have a lot of interests and I am exceptional;l fond of tools. 

It's all a burden really. 

My wood working lately has moved away from machines, primarily because I dislike the noise they make.  So many years in shops has damaged my hearing.  I have more time now.  I prefer to work by hand.  Saws, planes.  Labor.  Slow, methodical effort. It takes skill and patience to do these things well
by hand. 

Inspired by a book on Japanese Woodworking Tools by Toshio Odate, I set out to extract my wood working tools from the the big tool box and build them a nice Japanese styled home.    


 Gloria with the plane cleaning up the uneven spots.

 The completed box
 The box full of tools.
 And with the Planing Bench.

So it was a good day.