Monday, May 28, 2018


Prospecting at Scales.

RIP Rich Coleman. We dropped part of Richard's Ashes in above these falls. I told stories and showed one of my friends around a bit.

I spent more than a few nights camped with Richard in the hydraulic mine at Fairplay, including one particularly memorable one in about 1983 that included about a 4 hour thunderstorm.

If you want to try to find this place on a map, give it a shot. It took us more than a few hours and I *knew* where I was going. If you need to go there and spread some flowers, or motorcycle parts, let me know, maybe I can find it again.

I hope there's a lot of things to fix where you're headed Richard.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Here's a list of the crap I didn't do today.

Anything regarding the insane road raging neighbor, despite his name calling, gesturing, swearing at me, and spitting at me, among other things.
Fix the bricks on the North walk.
Pour concrete for the shed floor.
Build the storage area behind the shed.
Smoke a brisket.
Put a fence around the garden.
Put away the decoys.
Move the flat file cabinets into the library.
Run a hose bib to the back of the yard.
Rebuild the custom coffee table I built some years ago.

Some things I did do:

Move the flat file cabinets into the library.
Flood the backyard.
Feed the chickens.
Fix the hose bib on the north side of the house.
Plant Italian parsley, squash and cabbage.
Order plans for a boat to build.
Read a hand written letter from someone I was once quite delighted to be friends with.