Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Mysteries of Asia Unlocked -- Gloria's Hot and Sour Soup

Tonight Smiley made hot and sour soup, which I was told, contains hundreds of ingredients and takes hours to make.

Not true, apparently.   

You will need:

1/4 c. dried black fungus
1/4 c. dried daylilies
100g package of preserved vegetables 
4 T. cornstarch 
4 T. water
3 cups water 
1 12 oz can of chicken stock 
1 lb of lean pork
1 ordinary package of supreme soft tofu
1 egg
4 tablespoons Chili sauce
60 ml of vinegar.
Salt to taste
Fine black pepper to taste

Soak a handful of Black Fungus and a handful (about1/4 cup) of dried Daylilies (many restaurants would use bamboo shoots)  in water for a while to soften and start a large pot containing 2-3 cups of water and a can of chicken stock to boiling.   Take about 1 lb of Pork and cut into strip about 1/2" by 2" Add a slurry of 2 T. cornstarch and 2 T. water and set aside.  Mix 2 T. of cornstarch with 2 T. of water and set aside.  

Cut the tofu into strips about 1/4-1/2 by the length of the cube.  Scramble the egg.   Strain the fungus and day lilies and add to the boiling liquid.  Add the pork, the preserved vegetables and the tofu. Add Some of the cornstarch mixture to thicken. judge the thickness based on your history of eating hot and sour soup.  Add the vinegar and the chili sauce. Salt and pepper to rase. Add the egg by stirring and drizzling it around in the soup 

 Serves 6-8.   Enjoy

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Packing for China

So -- I am packing for China and at the suggestion of  my friend The Grillmaster, I am bringing my 4x5 with me to China.  I will shoot only roll film and it seems like a win.  All parts packed, it looks like 25 pounds, plus film.

What I am taking:

Wista 4x5 Field Camera
Schneider 90 mm lens
Schneider 210 mm lens
Shneider 135 mm lens
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod
Slik Tripod Head
Shen Hao 6x17cm 120 Roll Film back
Wista 6x9 Roll Film Back
Shutter Release (2)
Shower Cap
Filters (about 12) and Adapters
Magnifier (2)
Light meter and Spare 9V Battery
Kitchen Timer
Magnifier for Ground Glass (2)
Lens Cloths
Dusting Bulb for Lens
Hacky Sack

What I am not taking:

Rodenstock 55 mm lens.  Although it covers 8x10, I can't get it to focus in my camera, becase it runs into the camera body before it get short enough to focus.  It's possible that I could fix that ... 

Polaroid holder.
4x5 film holders.
4x5 film.