Monday, November 29, 2010

Wista Setup

This is all the crap I carry around with my 4 x 5. 

Flash cable
Lens cloth
Polaroid back and film
Kodak TMax and EPP film in 4x5 ready loads. 
12 Sheets of Ilford Delta 100 in film, holders 
Kodak ready load back. 
Wista 6x9 cm roll film back. 
Shen Hoa 6x17 cm roll film back back 
Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 Carbon Fiber Tripod and short column
Vivitar SMS 30 flash 
FujiFilm 4x loupe
About 20 filters in 77mm and flat filters
Electric Kitchen timer
Blowy ball
Luna Pro F light meter
Wista DX-III with International and Graflex back
A variety of 120 roll film in black and white and color
Dark Cloth
4 lenses
Rodenstock 55mm Grandagon
Schnieder 90mm Angulon
Schneider 135mm Symmar-S MC  
Schnieder 210mm Symmar-S MC
2 Shower caps
Clip-on Umbrella
2 cable releases
Adapters for the filters. 
Gnass Lens case
Gnass Film holder carrier  

I don't know what this whole setup weighs -- but  I think about 40 pounds. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giants Win!

It was 1965 maybe ... the first time I thought the Giants might win the World Series.  We played wiffle ball on the street in front of the house and the neighborhood witch took our balls whenever she could.  We played hardball or "semi" in the sandlot at the end of the street, and we knew that Maury Wills could run and was one unbelievable fielder.  Golden Glove.  We knew Sandy Koufax pitched a perfect game against the cubs. and that the Dodgers were the team to beat.       

We'd watch the game when it was televised.

The giants fielded a team like this:
We knew the line-up by heart.  ... Alou, Fuentes, Mays, McCovey, Hart and so on.  We used to pick sides and one of us would have to be the hated Dodgers, and the other one got to be the giants.  And we would recite their line-ups while we hit.  If we happened to be Maury Wills on first we felt obligated to steal.  Sometimes we would switch hit for the lefties.  We played the game, we hit the ball, we knocked out windows, we rooted for the Giants.   

We all thought the Giants could do it that year, but we were denied.  My father said that Horace Stoneham thought that second would make more money -- so that's where the giants would be.   My father and Uncle Pat might take us to a game -- to the bleacher seats.   But my uncle Ralph -- He always had box seats.  First base line, behind the dugout.  He used to bring about a six pack of beer to the game in a long tube he slung over his shoulder.  He'd drink that and more ... ummm ... and then drive us home.

We cheered the Giants on year after year.   

I remember the night games at Candlestick.  The wind.  The cold.  The extra innings.  When the stadium was empty.  When it was full.  We followed the score and we watched.  And we waited.  For years.  

But I never remember winning the World Series till now.