Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gone Fishing ...

I am getting ready for some tavel which includes fishing ... so I have been going through my gear. Several things were pretty obvious right of the bat, my 5 piece Winston 3 weight rod is packed in a steel and brass container -- indestructable yes, but quite heavy, and my eight weight bass rod has no case at all. Nothing at all against Winston -- but packing thier rod in a bullet proof case is good for them, since they offer a lifetime full replacement guarentee. The case weighs almost a pound (15.5 oz.). and is 3 inches longer than the rod.

So off I went to work on a solution. Since I recently put a "Gone Fishing" sign up in my window and have virtually no worries for the next few months, I have time for stuff like this. I went off to the local chain fisherperson supply store looking for a new case for both. For the eight weight I found a simple 48" case and trimmed it down to match the 3 piece length of 29 inches, expoxied one of the old caps in place and voila, it's done.

For the 5 piece rod I found a small adjustable tube case, about two inches in diameter, and cut it down to 21 inches. In doing this I reduced the weight by 10.5 oz. and reduced the length of the case over the original by 2 and 3/4 inches. Awesome - and the whole business with the reel weighs just 14.6 oz.

Umm ... I am going fishing.