Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thorny Devil!


Here's one intact, found in the other tire. After a few hundred thorns were removed from the other tire, and the fender adjusted with tinsnips and a hammer, the tire is in place on the commuter. Posted by Picasa

Enrique Penalosa Covered by Bike Portland


That's Not Enough Miles, Thanks

Saturday till Tuesday/Month

Swimming: 0/1200 yd.
Riding: 16.58/67.05
Miles Running: 0/0
Walking: 0/6.6 Miles

For a month.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Back in the Flats in Arizona

I was in the bike shop in Mesa, AZ,, some time ago I might add, and talking to the boy wonder bike mechanic about the numerous flats I have been getting and what I might do about them. "There's 49 other states," he says. Go figure.

I have been carrying these two Kenda™ tires -- around and across several states in fact -- because I know at some point I am going to want some larger tires with a bit of tread on them. For the rainy season that I know is coming, that thing Californians call Winter, but the rest of you dispute. It's coming Thursday, or so, I hear. Fire up the barbeque.

I have been running some sort of hi-ball desert tires -- bullet resistant, super slickery, slicky, slick slicks, in the tightest weave, highest pressure, and smallest small. Nice. The ground out here is a lot harder than it was in Arizona, There's a big lot of infrustructure sticking right up into the surface of the street in the form of cable car tracks, street car rails, Train tracks, manhole covers, curbs, speed bumbs, sewer grates, taxi cabs and what not -- not to mention an abundance of cobbles, potholes, recycling, and the ocasional miguided pigeon other stuff. It can be downright punishing at times.

So I pulled out the 700Cx38 Kendas with tread, to replace the 700Cx23 slicks. I start an age old ritual -- for me -- warm the tire slowly with my fingers rubbing the inside of the tire surface, caressing it, looking for puncturers, prickly pricks, nails, screws, riff-raff, or just thorns. Picking and prying the thorns, glass, iron filings, away from the precious air. Warming it and cleaning it, becoming friends with it, saving it from future damage. easing the rubber pieces together, easing them on to the rim, pushing the tire into place with my hands alone, gently stretching, straightening, and forcing the tire over the rim to fill with air. With just 75 PSI of the air (that's going to slow me down to a banana slug's pace).

I pulled about 50 thorns out of the first tire. There's fifty other states. I have to wonder, since they were so easy to see (they are beige), and that I could pick them out of the tire with my fingers, why one of these genious bike shop guys in Arizona, wouldn't have just simply said, "You're getting all these flats because your tires are full of thorns. Anyone who lives in Arizona and rides a bike, knows that you have to pull all these thorns out." You get them when the wind first blows in the summer.

There are two thorns in this picture. They are big enough to grab and remove with your fingers. They look like golf balls.

And here's a picture of one of them completely intact.

WTF? I ask. I am sure one of us should have noticed these in the tires.

And guess what? I am in one of those other states. Wish me luck tomorrow.

The Embarcadero

Salt and Pepper Tofu. I rode out to the edge of the world to have some Hunan food today. It was about a three mile ride there and back, and included dodging taxi cabs and one way streets, and passing double parked trucks and slow moving busses. One of the particular snotty highlights was being cut off ... and so on. We checked out the Embarcadero with a short tour after lunch.

The Embarcadero, near the anchorage of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge.

It's busy during lunch.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just Lately ...

Thursday to Saturday/Month

Swimming: 350/1200 yd.
Riding: 3.09/50.47
Miles Running: 0/0
Walking: 3/6.6 Miles

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Four Seasons

In a day ... San Francisco's four seasons occurred today. Lately before dawn it is Winter, temps less than 50 and snotty. As the day progresses it breezy and Springy, and I even saw poppies blooming. Temps in the afternoon in the sun belt (South of Market, Mission) have been above 80, and oh so Summery. And of course it's still really Autumn, and the falling leaves assure that the cooling down in the evening feels just like fall.

Tuesday and Thursday/Month
Swimming: 0/850 yd.
Riding: 13.47/47.38
MilesRunning: 0/0
Walking: 0/3.6 Miles
Weather: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall
Food: Pancho Villa for Tacos Carne Asada, Beans and Rice

Http://shawnkielty.com Returns

In case you were wonderin'. Paul.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Timbuk2™ Messenger Bag

Scared me yesterday. The way it adjusts is by pulling open a loop on the side of the bag, and shortening the strap that would go over your shoulder. All good, I guess.

Until you catch that loop on the mirror of a car. Fortunately, the loop would catch on the mirror of a parked car, because it's on the right side of the bag, and I am in America. Should you shoulder the bag with the opening side toward your body, it could get caught by the mirror of a passing car, assuring disaster. When I was riding in the wide open streets of Mesa -- this was likely not a problem. In San Francisco, however, where I might actually touch moving vehicles - or squeeze tightly between them, or they squeeze tight between me, this is a real serious life threatening risk.

So -- let's fix this. First -- flip the attachment point of the strap around and re-attach, then thread it back through it self to make sure it stays put. Open the clamp and take all the slack material out of the loop in the strap and flatten it against the bag -- then secure the clamp against the strap. If you don't know how this works throw the bag away. Just kidding.

Find a 2 inch Travato or similar buckle and cut the strap at a point below your shirt pocket and insert the buckle. Adjust it accordingly.

If you want you can also apply the same logic to the crappy waist strap that comes with the bag and increase it to 1 1/2 inches.

Always be safe -- and think ahead to stay alive.

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Short Ride

Despite not feeling well this morning at all, I did manage to pull off a short ride, and made my way into downtown for some Thai food and an espresso for an early dinner.


Swimming: 0/850 yd.
Riding: 10.04/33.91 Miles
Running: 0/0
Walking: 0/3.6 Miles
Weather: Extremely nice (Some of you would be very jealous).
Food: Rahd Na with Pork at the Thai Satay.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Four Shillings Short

At the San Gregorio General Store, San Gregario, California.

I saw two performances this weekend of Four Shillings Short. One included dinner with Aodh Og O Tuame and Christy Martin at the Great Room in the Santa Cruz Mountains. And the other was an afternoon at the San Gregorio General Store in San Gregorio. Our hosts at the home concert, were excellent and the view, dinner and show were all superb.

The general store in San Gregorio is unique and vital to the community. So the event there was warm and happy in a way that speaks profoundly of the quiet coastal town. Someone asked me what I think of the show, and I said "What's not to like?" Everything about these shows was warm and friendly, in a way I remember from my grandfather. Audh Og and Christy both offered me a warm welcome as I returned to see another show today; they offered me a kindness and charity, that I won't soon forget. If you get a chance to see Four Shillings Short ... I'd go tomorrow. try their website for the rundown on shows in your area.

Audh Og plays a variety of fipple flutes, recorders and and renaissance wind (reed) instruments and is funny and charming throughtout the show.

Look at all those flutes.

Christy Martin mixes Irish folks songs with a Sitar (She also plays and composes traditional Ragas) with surprising and grand result.

I met this gentlemen from the bronx and Raphael, during the first of two intermissions.

Here's a one minute sample.

Make your own Razz!

Aodh Og stuns the crowd.

Christy plays a guitar, banjo, mandolin, mandola, and a custom bazooki (sp?).

and the Hammer Dulcimer.

I am happy!

Grand Canyon Trip Photos from Last Year

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wendy Palmer
Jack Dykinga
Jeff Foott
Mark ... or was that Ru?
Ed Hench (our fearless leader)
Drew Eschbacher
Shelley Lake
Mark ..

Twelve days on the Colorado, September, 2005.

A Butta'fly

Here's a shot of Jack Dykinga -- holding up a butta fly -- so that I can take it's picture. This is a shot from my trip down the Grand Canyon in 2005. Captain Ed Hench and the unsinkable mystery falcon are both smiling in the background.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Fenders

Those are the new fenders, the bike reminds me of that cross check I was admiring. For 30 dollars my dreams of a new bike are answered. Now I have no excuse for not riding in the rain, especially since Jill is still commuting without fenders. Can you believe it?

You see I am still carrying around that Banjo Brothers rack top bag. That's because it carries so much stuff. It's a good bag and I am bragging about it around San Francisco. It did really well tonight carrying home the leftover Thai food. I even sent my friend over to the Banjo Brothers site today to get a new laptop bag messenger bag. I wonder how it is going to fare in the rain.

19 October 2006/October Total

Swimming: 0/850 yd.
Riding: 10.77 (daily total)/23.87 Miles
Running: 0/0
Walking 0/3.6 Miles
Weather; Near dark and darker.
Food: Thai (Picture tomorrow).

19 October 2006/October Total

Swimming: 350 yards/850 yd.
Riding: 3.25/16.35 Miles
Running: 0/0
Walking 0/3.6 Miles
Weather; Sunny 59° F.

Those are new fenders in that picture.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

About the Bike Specific Clothing ...

Photo credit

Remember when I posted this. I couldn't imagine the bike specific clothing ... however -- I am considering cutting off my new jeans just below the knee, adding tights, a yellow slicker, and fenders. That would kinda make them bike specific clothes. Maybe I should just cut off one leg ... of the jeans, thanks.

I've come a long way baby. Now I am thinking about fenders. Really. The truth is, being back in a cosmopolitan city is a delight. I can wear hats that are not sun hats. I haven't seen a polo shirt in weeks (thank the pantheon of gods), I can hack up my jeans with a knife, and wear a hard hat to work -- and no one will think less of me. I can even attach a pigeon pelican statue to my helmet. When I dress in a way that's funny, they laugh. It's good. The ancient Bob Dylan t-shirt gets questions and compliments. "Did you see him?" -- "Yes!" -- "Cool." When I wear cowboy boots, it's a statement, and not my way of life. No one assumes I am carrying a gun. So far, no one has pointed out that I am wearing a pink shirt. I can wear big ugly scuncis and big clips in my hair -- or let it get all ratty. No one cares.

Welcome home.

It's like that. I grew up here. I know the shortcuts -- the places to lock-up a bike. Where to get a flat fixed. The guy at the hardware store. Where to get coffee in about 20 neighborhoods. The best route through traffic. It's nice to feel so comfortable. California Dreaming. The way to the beach. Never mind about Fleming and John.

So here it is -- I am back to my roots. I got my pamphlet in the mail for the November election and I didn't even register. Let's re-elect Govenor Moonbeam in November -- he's my favorite of all time. As Mayor of the city of Oakland, he has been an outstanding citizen. I seriously doubt he is a s far left as "they" say. I'll vote in November, as I should.

I have been thinking i need the neoprene booties ... or a full body wetsuit.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I went Over to the Dark Side ...

Of the moon. It was worth the trip. I hope you all are not too jealous. After all, I really only went because my son wanted to go.

Monday, October 9, 2006

Sunday, October 8, 2006

2003-2006 Polaroids and Contact Prints

Indian Water Lilies in Coastal California

Autumn Oregon Pond

Chardonnay -- Shan Creek Grapes

Morro Bay Harbor

Bamboo Chair and Red Banana

Yosemite Valley

I just found an interseting quote here: "If I'm going to Hell, I'm going there playing the piano."-Jerry Lee Lewis (born 9/29/35). If I am going to hell, I am going there with a paintbrush camera.

I am thinking of producing a show of poloroids and contact prints in 4x5 for gallery presentation. It seems a interesting way to ease into the showing of photographs, it' s kinda retro, and it's simple to manage. These images are all 4x5 polaroids.

What do y'all think?

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Have You Had Enough Yet?

Showy Stuff. From the official Blue Angels Website

Blue Angels

I took this pictures of the Blue Angels doing a flyby at the 12th and Folsom studios. Take a good look at the flying saucer in the picture, as it tries to escape.

It seems that the Blue Angels are in fact in San Francisco for Fleetweek.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Across the Street

Chicken Satay and Egg rolls from Manora Thai. It's the lunch combo. Includes that just devoured bowl of lemongrass soup.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Are You Hungry?

I ate lunch a few times over at Manora Thai at Folsom and 12th in San Francisco. The Blue Angels are in town for fleet week. They did a few flybys

Rahd Na with Chinese broccoli.

Basil Chicken.

Basil Beef. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Calling all Single Guys

That's my kind of tune -- playing over at More Than Just Another Bike Blog. I am not sure I can make it -- however -- some of my friends might. Saturday next -- Menlo Park Caltrain station, 35 miles, moderately paced, with minestrone soup lunch at Barrone's afterward, I'll have the minestrone soup and Peter's Panini. Thank you!

The ride home today included a movie, The Illusionist. One of my friends managed to catch me on my bike as I was passing the theater in San Mateo. I didn't really manage to review a restaurant at lunch today (it was sad -- the restaurant). The movie was good and I enjoyed the company. Two thumbs up. Should I start reviewing movies?

3 October 2006 PM/October Total

Swimming: 0 yards/500 yd.
Riding: 3.28/13.10 Miles
Running: 0/0
Walking 0/3.6 Miles
Weather; Sunny 59° F.

On the Way Home.

According to this the weather is going to degenerate tomorrow into rain. Do I believe them? NO.