Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Potter, a poem by Pablo Neruda

Your whole body holds
a stemmed glass or gentle sweetness destined for me.

When I let my hand climb,
in each place I find a dove
that was looking for me, as if
my love,they made you of clay
for my very own potter's hands.

Your knees, your breasts,
your waist,
are missing in me, like in the hollow
of a thirsting earth
where they relinquished
a form,
and together
we are complete like one single river,
like one single grain of sand

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Dating Lesson 2

Well ... Faithful readers ... I am sure you all remember the dating lesson.  As the Old Bag said in the comments of that post, "She's out there" (I liberally paraphrase).  I just have to have to find that mythic woman. That wilderness savvy beer sipping goddess, river running ... sculpture lovin' babe. It's going to happen. 

But not tonight ... Tonight I sat at a bar in a swanky restaurant.  Waiting.  My date insisted on it actually.  I offered two very efficient, trendy and affordable alternatives. Su's Mongolian Barbeque and Ramen Dojo.  Neither is as swanky as Rok Bistro in Sunnyvale, however.  It's also mostly true, that you could not eat enough in Su's or Ramen Dojo to spend as much as any single item on the menu at Rok. 

"I really want to go to the Rok" ... So I made a reservation.  I am very punctual.  So I am early ... I go to the bookstore.  Cute gurl I met last time I was at that bookstore is not there, I pull some dusty travel journal out of the wood work.  I go across the street to the restaurant and I am still early ... and so there I was in the bar, waiting.   Forty minutes later my date calls from the grocery store, "I am buying food for my son. I have to take care of my son ... I'll be right there." 

Sure, I understand.  I return to waiting, and the battery on my phone dies ... pretty soon the bartender offers to buy me a drink ... feeling sorry for me.  Time flies when you're having fun.  After a while they inform me that if  I'd like to eat it would be good to order because they are starting to close the kitchen.  So I got to a table ordered a citrus salad and a sirloin medallion and ate.  The salad was quite good with spinach, some fresh friut and almonds, with a vinigarette.   Clean and simple and very effective. 

The Rok part of this comes from the service of the various cuts of meat basically raw on a slab of very hot stone ... you know ... rock.  The guest -- that would be only me by this point, then cuts the meat and grills it on the hot rock.  Sides were some large asparagus spears and mashed potatoes, which were pretty generic and unspecial.  Teo sauces for dipping were both grand, so the meat was the star of the show.  The sirloin was quite taasty, although at several points I had to use my poket knife to get through it. 

Over all, quite satisfying.  Unlike my date. 
I want to rant now about how having a son is not a reasonable justification for not being able to make a valuable assesment of one's own ability to arrive somewhere, or just calling to cancel. or saying, you know what ...I can't make it.  I am not going to do it.   Frankly, I knew better.  During our second date, she was 45 minutes late and only called when she had already arrived.  During our third date ...

Not going to do it.