Saturday, November 19, 2011

Temple Man

9/24/2011, Anshan, Liaoning, China. Near the temple of the largest jade Buddha in the world. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fox Parang XL

This is a jungle knife, that I just got from Fox Knives.  It's made in Italy, I guess, or the USA since there are lots of flags on the website. Nether place has all that much jungle.  I have several different jungle knives.  Maybe I'll write some reviews, but first I will have to test this one out.  Since I don't have a jungle or forest right here in the yard ... well, it might be a few days. 

Typically, jungle knives fall into one of two general categories, slashers, and choppers.  With a fairly thin blade and knife like edge, this appears true to it's name.  A parang is a jungle knife from Borneo, and it's a slasher. 

The sheath on this knife is comfortable and has nice features, and appears to be thoughtful.  It appears cozy even while wearing it around the office.  More later ...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hey, Did You Ever Ask Yourselves ...

Dear  readers, 

Andy Rooney died today.  An icon of our generation has passed.  Sad, albeit true.  He's gone.

... so I have to ask.  Did you ever wonder why t-shirts and other comfortable clothes have those irritating little labels on them?  Don't you find it unusual that the only part of a  100% cotton t-shirt that isn't cotton is the hive inducing label which says same.  There ought be a law.

All my life I am with the shirt trying to figure out how to remove the label with out destroying the shirt. Im my opinion the best tool is the razor blade.  I remove all labels from all clothes.  Seriously.  If I don't remove the label, I get a small square rash direclty under it.  Amazing.  2 square inches of hives on the back of the neck.  Really not fun. 

I understand that dissident spies alway take their labels off all their clothes.  I saw that on television.  I uderstand that regular spies do this as well.  Alledgedly, they take the labels off thier clothes so that no one knows where they shop.  I once even had a woman I know ask me if I was a spy because I had no labels on any of my clothes.  I don't know why she noticed that, but she did. 

I suspect though, that spies actually remove the labels from their clothes because they are so freaking irritating.  Imagine James Bond doing his spy job, suddenly having to stop and uncontrollably scratch his label itch.  I don't think so.  So he removes the labels

There ought to be a law, seriously.  Write your congressmen and congresswomen and ask them to pass a law prohibiting irritating label materials and expressly prohibiting labeling which claims "100% cotton" unless the entire shirt including the label is cotton. 

Do it now.  And save the spies of the world from having to cut the labels out of all their clothes.