Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh this.

I think I painted this around 1982.


Chris said...

That's cool. Ever sell any? Did you save your Marlboro points to buy something from their catalog?

Jonah said...

Suggested title: “Breakfast of Champions”

alberto said...

Oh this is very nice. Didn't know that side of your talent base.

shawnkielty said...

Ha -- Breakfast of Champions. I think it has a new title.

This particular painting is a sketch (18x24" oil on paper) in preparation for a much larger (4'x6') Oil painting on canvas which I did sell (for a lot).

Since I am back at home, I am cleaning up, and that means sorting through the millillions of drawings, paintings and sculpture (actually hundreds) that I have produced in my life. Not to mention the myriad of prints, drawings and other art that I have traded for over the years.

Alberto, I have studied art for most of my life. Despite my interest in the money that software provides, my real passion is art.

I am thinking I have the work for several interesting shows. The recent photos ... A retrospective, and the personal favorites of my private collection.

Eclectchick said...

That's really nice! I can sing, dance, etc., but ubersuck at drawing/painting/etc. My parents and brothers were very good at that kind of thing, tho. I didn't get those genes. Just more proof that I am an alien hybrid.