Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Proximal Phalange, Left Hand

Ring finger, middle joint; my first real damage. I was working on a bouldering route at the House of Pain™ when I matched my left hand to my right on a fairly small hold, and loaded up my body's weight on to the ring finger of my left hand. It made a noise that reminded me of a dog eating a chicken and I hit the crash pad.

I am wondering right now if it's broken, dislocated, or just all torn to crap, and I've taken some Ibuprofen. As you can see it really isn't swollen all that much, despite a fair amount of pain -- so maybe I am just a wimp.

I did continue to climb with it for about an hour. I might regret that.


steve skinner said...

Man, it sure looks like it hurts to beat all! Heal quickly!

A Midnight Rider said...

There are plenty of thing to ease the pain. Expensive on the street though.

Eclectchick said...


And the verdict is . . . ?

shawnkielty said...

The short version is, it's not broken. The sheath around the tendon in my finger and palm is probably ruptured. Stay off it for a week, and take liberal amounts of Ibuprofen, and keep moving it.