Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness ... Breaking News

I tried to watch it but couldn't ... the Pursuit of Happyness ... I was reading my email, and it appears the CNN "Breaking News" about the Lakers victory was scooped by about three minutes by the Dicks Sporting Goods advertisement. All this time I thought junk mail wasn't useful.

I went for a bike ride today. My first in awhile. I think it might be my first since the last training ride with the Mushroom Girl, who last week rode her bike to LA in the Aids Ride for Life. While helping her get ready, I abused my hammies, which still hurt. It's ok, really. I still manage to knock out twenty plus miles today, introducing Robert to the very edge of Kings Mountain Road, a nice ride that we'll need to train for a bit, or just start earlier. Robert is a boy scout ... so I'm sure he can handle it.

Anyway ... I heard an idea about a moonlight hike to Half Dome and floated the idea. It goes like this ... leave the SanFrancisconess™ at about 7:00 PM the night of the full moon. Drive to Yosemite Valley and park. Walk the Mist Trail to Half Dome starting at Happy Isles at around 12:oo Midnight. Watch the sunrise from Half Dome and then hike down to Little Yosemite Valley and take a nap ... Hike out to the valley and drive home. I call it the "Avoid the Lightning Plan™."

The next full moon is July 7.

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Eclectchick said...

Hi there! It was so nice to get your comment on my blog - whee, I was missed by someone! ;-D

I keep meaning to get back to blogging, goodness knows I've had plenty of downtime (during work hours, shhhhh). Have fallen into microblogging via Twitter and FB, but do miss the real thing.

Okay. I'll blog soon - today, even. If nothing else, I have a backlog of photos to post.

Thanks for the shout out, Shawn. It was a great way to start my Monday. Hope all is well - I have a lot of catching up to do in the Blogosphere!