Friday, July 10, 2009

Half Dome Full Moon Hike, Version 1

People climbing up the cables to the Half Dome summit.

My friends near the top.

Me at the top of the "Sub-Dome."
View of the cables and Half Dome Summit from the sub-dome.
The short version. My three friends and I went to summit on Half Dome in Yosemite on 7/8. We left San Mateo Tuesday night at 8 and arrived at the trailhead at 1:30 AM. We hiked the Mist Trail in the moonlight to arrive in Little Yosemite Valley at dawn. We only stopped to puke once. We proceeded up the trail. 2 of my friends reached the summit at some time around 11:00 AM, while my other friend and I aborted to wait at the base of the final climb. I sprinted up some one hour later reaching them just below the cables to let them know it was time to go.
We hiked out to have some really crappy food at the Curry taco stand, and managed to drive home without falling asleep or puking.
Half Dome 2, Hikers 2. 16 miles, 4600 vertical feet, 4 great stories.
My foot hurts.

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Jonah said...

Great idea for a hike, although I'm pretty sure I would have fallen asleep halfway up.