Friday, February 19, 2010

Bad Things Happen in Threes

That's what my great-grandmother always said. Today, two people I know passed. One, a person who has been a part of my life since my earliest memories, whose children were my playmates, and friends. Our friendships were there all the time, but when something like this happens ... the strength of those life-long friendships rises to the surface, tears flow, bonds renew ... She was my next door neighbor for most of my early life, for 20 plus years. She ran a catering business from there, which grew up to be a restaurant later. A restaurant I frequent and enjoy. I think she's been feeding me once a week or so since I was about two. There's no question, she's been a powerful figure in my community for my entire life. The loss is immeasurable. My heart goes out to my life long friends.

It's not just my community though. A huge number of people I know have been there, met her, know the joy. So many people around me have expressed their sadness at her passing, people I never knew were there, never imagined would have known her. We'll need to find a way to carry on.

Two -- Franchot, a man I barely know, a patron of a cafe I frequent, passed away today. I don't really care about the details. We talked often, he took an unique interest in me, in what I was doing, in the things I was doing, in a way that let me feel as if he was my friend. I looked forward to seeing him. He was a good man. He cared. A friendship cut so short. What a tragedy.

And for me -- I've been inspired by watching the Olympics. I went to the gym last night and worked out hard. All my junk hurts today. I've been getting flabby. I decided I need to start to ride my bike more -- so I took the Surly to work in my truck. I rode at lunch. 9 miles. It was good. I hurt, but I feel good.

Now, about what my grandmother said ... I'm waiting for that third thing. That third bad thing.

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