Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yes China. I am going to China, yes China.

I have a friend who said "Will you come?" And I said yes, definitely, maybe, I don't know, in a completely California way. She sent me a message a few weeks later saying "Why'd you change your mind?"

So I am headed there. Overseas travel is always interesting. China ... from here ... is a bit daunting. First ... It's big. and then they speak Mandarin ... which I can make absolutely no sense of, despite more than a bit of practice. Having no characters in their written language I can recognize doesn't help.

Once I had decided to go, I immediately got a flight, then I had all these little details to work out, the gifts, the visa, changing money, vaccines, figuring out how and what I can bring in and out, converters for my chargers. I felt like a veteran.

My camera. One of the key lenses I use -- the 17-85 mm. It's absolutely done -- failing completely. So I sent it in to Canon to fix. I'll be able to rent a similar lens for my trip. Grumble.

I have booked a flight. I am going to fly to Shenyang in a few days. She is going to meet me. I am a bit nervous. I am packing. I'll be there about 14 days. I think we will return from Beijing ...

Just incidentally that brings my country tally up to 12. 3 continents, 12 countries, 44 states.

China. Yeah!

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A Midnight Rider said...

I had a co worker named Joe Shan and the mornings got interesting. Jo tsan, Joe Shan.