Thursday, September 29, 2011

“Museum for Chinese Volunteers Fighting with Korean Against the Imperialist Americans”

I am not making this up. "The Americans were defeated in Korea, using the superior technology of the Chinese." In Dandong, the location of the Chinese and Korean Friendship Bridge, there is a museum to honor the soldiers who bravely fought against the Americans. And I was there. At the museum. I am pretty sure the soldiers deserve it, and the Chinese people as well. It is a fitting monument to the soldiers and people of China. It's not really that kind to the Americans, however.

My father fought in Korea, in the navy. I never knew we sent troops to Taiwan. I guess we were always too busy talking about the great war to spend any time about Korea. I was pretty much ignorant of the whole affair. Until a couple of days ago. I understand Seoul changed hands 10 times during the Korean war. When we talk about the Korean war we talk about it in terms of "Police Action" or "Korean Conflict."

Not the Chinese. They talk about it being the time they helped their Korean friends push the imperialist Americans out of North Korea. Apparently they kicked our asses using soup cauldrons and kettle drums.

It was an interesting place that museum. The photos are some examples of the superior technology used by the Chinese during the Korean War. Perhaps I am being a bit unfair in my representation. There were solid examples of arms, artillery, and aircraft as well. I didn't see any compelling examples of superior technology, however.

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