Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Near the end of last year, someone at zipfizz contacted me to ask if I would consider reviewing their product.  Since this is not really the kind of product I would normally use, I was somewhat reluctant.  I agreed. 

It came in the mail, and got mixed in with Christmas.  It was basically their Multi-pack deal with an addition in the form of a zipdrive containing promotional materials.  So, nice water bottle, small free zipdrive, and some sample flavors of the energy drink mix. 

Everyone, you know me.  Good food, good tasting and hearty.  That's what I like.  Foods with names like eggs, butter, cream, meat, fries, rice.  Wholesome foods.  During an expedition in the desert, I might drink a 50% solution of Gatorade™ and water.  But Gatorade™ is this huge success story, a victory of the mind over the failings of the body.  In a crazy pinch on a bike ride or wicked hike where I need some real calories I might use a Honey Stinger™.  Typically, I am opposed to this kind of food.    Like Dr. David Agus, I am opposed to vitamins, prefer "a good fat diet, olive oil, canola oil, heart healthy eggs, cold water fish."  Real food.  Good food.  On a regular schedule.

Skeptically, I unwrap the package, look at the stuff.  Go to the web site and look at the ingredients.  A little scary.  There's a lot of what I call science ingredients. I notice a couple of foods I recognize, ginger root, ginseng, caffeine.  I mix it up.  Taste is good.   Generally good, a bit vitaminey. 

I have a formula for fueling my body during extreme activities, It's an extension of my normal diet. Nothing is quite as good as a pint of ice cream to overcome a major calorie deficit. Possibly, I will keep a few of these zipfizz around for those moments when I need an extra shot of caffeine.

If you like this sort of thing, zipfizz™ is probably a good choice. 


mindful mule said...

I was going to keep it secret a little longer but since you’ve mentioned it here I have to agree that a pint of ice cream is a great food source. That or a big real ice cream shake from a favorite classic diner – I’ve been using Jake’s vanilla milkshake (with whip cream on top of course!) for my pre-race/big-day carbo-load. I love it when they bring out that extra dollop leftover in the big tin mixing cup, too. Zipfizz, etc., though, are nice for when that pint would melt in your pocket or be otherwise inconvenient.

wheel balancing machine said...

o one fine weekend a group of 10 or so men, one large armored truck, one full size van, one dirtbike, a few chainsaws, hydraulic winch, row frame raft, and copious amounts of beer headed north for 4 days and many miles of kayaking bliss.

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