Monday, January 18, 2016

Beer shortage in China ... it's really Jack that I can't find.

So it's pretty hard to find Jack Daniels here in China, and I can't seem to land in a hotel with a bar in it, and the stores don't seem to have any beer that contains alcohol or any wine that we can identify is drinkable. So I resorted to drinking Mou Tai, with a 3.2 % Tsing Tao chaser. It reminds me of gasoline mixed with the flavor of flowers. Followed by watery beer. I'm reminded of reading a book called "The Sex Lives of Cannibals". Chapter 5 is entitled "The Great Island Beer Shortages" or something like that.

It's near freezing here in Suzhou and since I'm on a tour, we are outside or on a cold bus, and maybe in some cold building. My joints ache.

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