Friday, April 6, 2007

Ohhh -- I Remember When ..

Slim: Hey -- want to go fishing Sunday?
Me: Sure, where?
Slim: in the ocean. In Pacifica.
Me: Really? OK.

Sunday morning we get up and go over the hill to Pacifica and rent a sixteen foot outboard rowboat and they launch (drop) us off a steep, long ramp made out of telephone poles and we paddle through the breakers, drop the outboard, and poof -- we're in the Pacific in a 16' wood (freakin) outboard rowboat. Fishing for Ling-Cod.

"Just point right at the beach and the waves will take you home -- and {stay to the left of) try to miss the rocks and you'll be ok ... pull the motor up at the last minute ..." I can remember the shoreline from the ocean as if it were yesterday, but the odds of finding it from the beach side today are impossible.

I was sixteen, and Slim was about sixty-nine and my neighbor. I never was scared, and I never felt in danger. I never caught a fish, and I never was seasick. Slim threatened to throw his teeth up over the gunwale and told a shark story or two ... "The shark bit at the back end of the boat and left a bunch of teeth in it -- see -- here's a few," and he holds out a fistful of shark's teeth tied together with a string. If he were here today, I'd get in that boat with him again.

Holy crap. I wish I had taken a camera. You can't imagine the feeling of being on the very edge of the world, beyond the edge of the world -- and out there in the water. Looking back at the land with childish wonder. Holy crap. I wish I had taken a camera. I think it was here where the pillars are in the water.

And, damn, I won that camera the year before at the county fair, by shooting little targets with serious deadly accuracy, or some other crazy game.


Eclectchick said...

Zoiks! So, was that your first camera?

shawnkielty said...

In my family we had an original Polaroid land camera and one of these, both of which I still have. I shot photos with the ansco on a trip we made to Mexico when I was 8. I think I once shot an oat meal box pinhole camera in the seventh grade. We also had a super 8 movie camera, which we could occasionally shoot a roll of film with.

I won a plastic 35mm camera sometime around my being 10 years old at the county fair. It worked well for a long time, and it's inevitable fate was to be lost. It was my first camera.

When my brother returned from Vietnam he had a Pentax K1000 which he would let me use. Now that was a camera.

Eclectchick said...

Very, very cool. My mom recently gave her first camera, a brownie, I believe, to the daughter of a good friend AND taught her to use it. Lovely when these things are passed along.