Sunday, April 22, 2007

Trail Cooking Trial

Many people don't understand the need to test your gear before going afield. With a remarkable boil time of 3.75 minutes the MSR Whisperlite™ is truly a great stove and came highly recommended by the elder brother. The 2 cup sized stainless cup is great, because you can cook in it and drink from it and eat from it and it's fairly light and easy to clean. My friend Jim gave it to me ...

Does anyone notice a problem in the above picture?

Just a note [Edited]: This was a dry run. I didn't actually light the gas stove in my house. It produces a basketball sized fireball, which is probably normal. I'd recommend never lighting a gas camping stove inside a house. Please don't light your house on fire testing out your stove.


Di said...

Well, the cup is not sitting upright in what I assume is the burner? Perhaps it's not supposed to be, but I would think in order to have the food cook evenly this would be helpful?! Also, if the cup becomes really hot, will those handles become as hot also? Ouch! That could burn?!

I dunno--maybe there's NOTHING wrong w/the picture. Is this a 'trick' question?!?! I hate appearing dumb..haha!!

Do tell?!?!

Eclectchick said...

Well, yeah - I'm afraid that packaging is gonna catch on fire!

Quit - yer makin' me nervous.

shawnkielty said...

The stove and the cup don't work well together. The cup falls into the burner because it's not wide enough to span the holders.

Just a short note about the potential for fire so ably pointed out by Eclectchick.

I didn't actually light the MSR white gas stove on my rangetop. The documentation mentions something about a basketball sized fireball being normal, which would certainly be a serious fire in my small kitchen.

And it does. So I don't use it indoors.

paul said...

The stove and the cup wouldn't work well together and the cup would fall into the burner because it's not wide enough to span the holders??

Well how'd I do?

Allright I might have had some help. I hate when you look at me that way. Oh thats your picture. Were looking forward to your AZ journey. Made it east to Miami (up by Globe) neat town to check out. Are you going into the Superstitions?