Friday, January 11, 2008

Phoenix' Seven Summits

That's Phoenix behind me. From the top of Camelback Mountain. Photo compliments of the Happy Hiking Buddy -- © 2005. Posted by Picasa

Described here, the seven summits. Simple problem; climb each of Phoenix's seven summits. No sweat. Easy. The farthest of the lot is 7 miles to the top of South Mountain and back. I've already done Camelback.

But that's pretty casual. Just to make things interesting, let's do it all in a single day, especially since I am not really close by.

Here are the details:
Shadow1 mile440 ft climbModerate
North1.6614Moderately Strenuous
Shaw Butte5670Moderately Strenuous
Piestawa Peak2.41190Strenuous


20.3 Miles 5999 feet uphill

Seems like it might make for a compelling hike. Some time in March, while it's still cool. Care to join me?


suthsc said...

20.3 miles will be a full day of hiking.

I once was on top of Camelback with a little point and shoot camera. I wanted to take a picture looking down a (more or less) sheer cliff, so I held the camera in one hand and leaned out over the ledge at about chest level. I turned the camera a little bit to attempt to get the horizon in the shot.

I took the photo, thinking that it would be really impressive. Once I had it developed (yes, the camera actually used film) I found that the camera had helpfully focused on a branch sticking out of the rock face about 20 feet down. This visual field (looking down) was completely lost and it looked like just any old bare rock plateau. I was SO disappointed.

shawnkielty said...

That's really the rub with the point and shoot cameras.