Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh ... That

It's been awhile. Tomorrow, I'd like to try to ride my bike to work. It's not easy. I am going to catch a 7:07 train ... which means up before 6. I want to try to hike around Angel Island this weekend ... 6 miles. Try.

Yes try. It's been about 3 1/2 months since the hike to Half Dome which left me with a broken foot, followed several weeks later with dislocating a toe on the other foot. I've had several weeks of Physical Therapy, seen several kinds of doctors, used Chinese medicine, and done my best to keep using it (my foot). I have walked, run, climbed, worked out, trained, swam and travelled against all advice. Following their advice, I have exercised my feet, ankles, calves and hamstrings for hours on end ... towel crunches ... left and rights, hamstring curls, achilles stretches -- the list goes on. Last week I had a fairly serious workout including weights and running ... and more running. Over the weekend I was in Oregon, mostly driving. Monday night I went to the climbing gym and abused myself pretty seriously.

Today my body hurts in a serious post-climbing way. My back aches across the shoulders ... My core is absolutely trash. My wrists and hands hurt. The skin on my fingers is sore. And I have stripes of pain on the inside and outside of my legs.

My feet really don't hurt all that much.

I am pretty comfortable with the idea that I won't be up to 100% for a while. Maybe even as long as a year. But I am starting to feel that I will be able to plan some trips, or do a few hikes, return to training, and be able to rely on it again

Which is a good thing.

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Jonah said...

It’s that age-old cure for pain, if you make something else hurt, you won’t notice the original pain… I smash my thumb with a hammer, you stomp on my toe…

Have a nice ride!