Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Images of Manhattan from October 2004
Shawn Kielty

Copyright 2004, Shawn Kielty, all rights reserved.

Journal entry, October 8 2004 NYC:
Did you happen to run up to me on this corner while I was shooting this photo to talk about my camera and photography? I met an attractive woman (a fitness instructor, perhaps) while shooting this picture, and I keep thinking that I should have introduced myself or found some way to stay in contact because – it was a charged conversation about cameras and photography and being an artist in life, about how we have to resort to things like being a fitness instructor or software engineer despite both having fairly accomplished degrees in fine art. It was excellent to talk with someone who was really interested in the same thing that I am. It’s fascinating to me that this small event would somehow define my recent visit to Manhattan.

Originally from the suburbs of San Francisco, award winning Artist Shawn Kielty currently lives in Mesa, AZ. Early in his career Shawn was primarily a Painter and trained at the San Francisco Art Institute, California State University, Hayward and eventually received a MFA degree at Washington State University.

“My first cameras, were the collection of family cameras, a brownie, an original PolaroidTM, and a pocket camera. From the earliest of large format experiences, shot in an oatmeal box camera, to my current exploration of the 4x5 format, the camera has always been a part of my art experiences. It seems today to be a foregone conclusion that I would focus my attention on photography.“

Shawn has been included in more than 50 national and regional exhibitions, lectured and taught fine art during his career.


Samantha said...

yes ... that girl was me! let's get married! :-)

shawnkielty said...

My first online proposal.