Friday, June 11, 2010

Beads of ...

... perspiration. I spent 5 days in Joshua Tree National Park last week with friends. We went hiking and climbing, cooked, watched the moon wane, heard coyotes sing, and bouldered in the asteroid belt. It was hot, dry, and ... well ... hot.

Fire Damage

Collared Lizard(?)

Joshua Tree

Kenny on Manx

I set up my first ever top rope on Cap Rock.

We inadvertently bootlegged a camp in the closed section of Indian Cove campground and got thrown out. We set up a shower in our camp in Hidden Valley and the ranger came by and busted us, saying, "You can't tie anything to the vegetation" (as far as I recall in Yosemite that's OK). We tied up a big sling and tied it to that, rock climber style.

Lily and Amy brought us dry ice, which froze everything, which meant we ate strange things like frozen grapes, which were unbelievable.

Fallen Angel

We met a guy, the bead man, at Cap Rock, who was looking for the grave site of Gram Parsons, which we all found. We help him find the site, so he gave us all a string of beads ... "Beads of accomplishment," according to Lily. He was wandering the planet carrying his brother's ashes, "I'm taking him everywhere."

We climbed at Manx boulder.

It was a great trip, despite the heat, shredded knees and fingertips ... beads of inspiration.

21 Palms Oasis

Cottonwood Oasis


Burnt Joshua Tree from a fire on the way to Lost Horse Mine

Arch Rock




A Midnight Rider said...

The guy carrying ashes and giving away beads sound very eclectic. I would have like to meet him.

shawnkielty said...

We rocked this.