Monday, June 28, 2010

High Sierra Day

Sprinted off last night for a quick trip up to the High Sierras to look over the snowmelt, check on the fishing -- and snoop out some deer sightings. We saw six or eight deer (6), four or five outhouses and caught very few (0) fish and hiked more miles than I would have liked.

We camped at Hermit Valley under a full moon and fished this morning on the Mokelumne river. The water was pretty high and it was difficult fishing. Things that were normally out of the water were submerged and pocket water was transformed to something else all together. I thnk have managed a strike on a beadhead ... let's just say, there are no bragging rights.

Later in the day, we tried to drive out to Highland Lakes on the Stanislaus river drainage and check out some deer spots for the fall. The road had quite a bit of snow on it so we decided to walk. We never did quite make it out to Highland Lakes, but it was a pretty good hike. I did take this one picture though. Does anyone know what this plant is?


Mindful Mule said...

Looks like:
California false hellebore/California corn lily (Veratrum californicum).

Mindful Mule said...

I’ll be laying low for a while in my new hide out. Not much going on there yet, but it’s nice and quiet.
Jonah/Mindful Mule

A Midnight Rider said...

Hiking near July 4th in the snow. Nice.