Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yak Bone Pendant

So the other night I was wandering around in the Hutong with my friend and her friend when we went into theis Tibetan shop. where I spotted a pendant I thought looked cool and right. I asked, he said, "50 yuan," I said "Done."

My friend looked at me in amazement. I had caved immediately without so much as a whimper, violating every tenet of succesful bargaining in a fell swoop.

I said, " what s that. like 8 bucks?" He just offered me a handmade, yak bone, silver and gold plus other stuff pendant that wards off evil and brings good luck in the form of money to a person who wears it, for all of 8 dollars. How could I argue with that. It seems unconsionable to weasel him down to 4 bucks.

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