Friday, February 16, 2007

Dear Asshole,



Dear Thieving Asshole,

I could understand that you might need my rear light to put on your cool bike, so that you won't get hit riding brakeless through the night. I could understand that you might be able to sell that light for six or eight dollars and get some beer.

Although the light was basically free for the taking, I wonder why it was necessary to destroy my seat bag by ripping it to remove the light. Did you almost get caught? I actually don't mind that much that the light was taken -- I probably would have given it to you if you had convinced me that you needed it for your bike. You could have easily slipped that light off without damging the bag. Please try to be more considerate when stealing my shit. As you can see, I was barely inconvenienced by the loss of the light, Nick helped me to bolt the new one onto the bike, for lack of a better place. Please try not to hurt yourself attempting to steal the new one. I don't want to be subjected to a personal injury suit.


P.S. If you try to sell it back to me on the street tomorrow, I'll do my best to steal it back from you without damaging your hand.


suthsc said...


Hey, I'm right there with you on that one. People do the weirdest things.. For instance, I've heard of people getting their seat post binder bolt taken..

Joann said...

Lost my bike once. Sad day.

See where I was today.

Eclectchick said...

Ack. Why are humans such jerks sometimes??

Fritz said...

Grrrr... Hate it when random stuff like that happens.

Di said...

Pity!! I find it difficult to understand why someone would bother to steal a relatively small, and as you stated, inexpensive item! Amazing! Annoying!! So sorry!!

shawnkielty said...

It's so nasty. That's the trouble. it would be nice if we lived in a better world.