Sunday, February 11, 2007

Guitar Neck Construction -- Take 2

Yesterday went slightly better.

Here's the neck blank I put together yeseterday, with a Martin Style truss rod and showing the fingerboard outline. I'll need to route out the location for the truss rod and drop it into place. Then I suppose I can start to convince it to look a bit more like a guitar neck.


Jill said...

Wow, this is quite the project. It looks to be coming along nicely.

shawnkielty said...

Thanks Jill -- I am a bit of a stubborn old goat. It is coming along.

I have to use some power tools now. ...

Drat. I have Neil Young blasting -- so maybe I can survive.

Eclectchick said...


Truss rod, eh? Who knew?

Di said...

What an awesome undertaking--you're gonna be so proud when you're finished!!

BTW--you'll have to check out a real-life friend of Sarah's/mine from Nashville on MySpace--he's a longtime friend of Neils' who has performed with him numerous times over the years--in fact, he's on his last CD/DVD--you should get it--it's an outstanding/touching and melancholy piece of work! I'll send you the info!! You'll like it!!