Friday, May 25, 2007


Corporate kicked down some cool items for those of us who rode in on bike to work day. Logo emblazend reflective gadgets and a sand control device for having sex picnics at the beach. Also included was a very nice bike map of Seattle, which I am going to post on the wall of the San Francisco office so we can all use it for reference. I looked around for the free bike to work jerseys with the Rolling Stone cover image of John Lennon naked ... but no ... there wasn't any of those. There was a little hacky sack though -- that said "Real".

Anyone care to guess where I work? I never talk about my work on my blog. I am breaking one of my basic rules. "Thou shall not yak about one's work". It seems my readers want to know. They're curious.

So for the further curious, I work for Real, as a Transportation Consultant bike enthusiast. Technically, I am a Software Test Engineer, which means I listen to the music I download to my mp3 player, and if it doesn't sound right I write up a report. Otherwise, I continue to listen and try not to steal any one's scooter or drop any juggling balls on anyone's desk, or spill my granola into my keyboard, interrupting my game of COD. I ride a skateboard on the hardwood indoors to test the gain -- is it loud enough?

Since I am actually really a test and release engineer for the software tools that publish stuff (content) for Rhapsody™, mostly I write tests and build tools, take out trash, and do the dishes. I try not to think of release day as hellweek, but then again, sometimes you can crash when your riding a stolen scooter.

It's a cool job, in a cool spot, and seriously, I work hard, and hopefully, everything sounds better, looks better, feels better, because of it.

And now this recruiter over at Netflix is poking at me. But I am so jealous of the guy I met on the train that works at Flickr. Now that's a cool job. But me -- I work at the place where music lives, and I like it.


Jill said...

That does sound like a nice job. But who can we get to pay us to ride bikes? "Yeah, I work for Trek. I'm a Hardware Test Engineer."

Singletrack on the clock. Now that would be wonderful.

Eclectchick said...

Cripes! I so need to find a new job. Color me greeeeeen with envy. My workplace could give a flying (fill in the blank) if I ride my bike to work or anything else admirable which serves anyone but their precious clients.

Grrrr. I need to a) get a new job or b) get my arse back to school or c) quit complaining.

Matteo said...

Hi Shawn. I have sent you an e-mail. My mother is Ray Lorenzato's cousin. Check it. I wait for your answer.

suthsc said...

You work for Real, huh? Once upon a time I owned a gen-u-ine Real player license. This would be back in the Real Player 6 days or so. Real was one of the few companies, at least at the time, who had a player that supported linux. It was a great selling point for me against the great Wintel hegemony.

I think Trek et al would call those people "pros." though it must be great work if you can get it.

These conversations remind me of the Nike commercial where Antonie Walker (with Boston at the time) says, "I'm employee number eight, and I make baskets."

lauren said...

that shwag you have there, with the logo on it - well, that's what i do for a living.

i work at a startup that does shwag. although we've been around for a while now.

anyway, i'm the one who flies around the country and finds all that schwag. sourcing.

and then i have it all sent to our our studio and we photograph it all.

i wonder if you guys bought it from us. i have one of those beach things too. and hacky sacks.

Jeff said...

I do email security and mainframe data processing for state government. Pretty cool, huh? Hello? Anyone? At least they let me keep my bicycle in my cube!

A Midnight Rider said...

I often wondered what kind of people worked at places like Real. Now that I know, I feel pretty good about using the product.

shawnkielty said...

hmmm -- all these comments. I been at this job for a bit now -- and it seems it's going to work out. Plus I like it which helps.

Lauren -- I am sure they got that stuff from you. I hope so.

Jeff -- You're cool -- that's what I do -- gruntwork. Everybody loves ya for it.

Matteo -- I'll see if I can find some photos from when I knew Ray -- or sit down and write a note or two to you about him, and how he was back in the day. That man changed my life.

Chicky. I am glad when you ride though. I never cared much if the people I worked with noticed if I rode or not, or whether I could bring my bike in. I'd much rather they respect what I do at work ...

I am not sure I exemplify the people that work at real ... I may be an anomoly. I once had a genuine real license, too.

Eclectchick said...

Well, at work I actually don't talk about my extracurricular exploits, i.e., biking. All I meant was I think it's nice that you were recognized for doing something good for yourself and keeping one less car off the road.