Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Whoa, a Pile of Stuff.

So that's it -- everything required for a four day wilderness trip except the camera (which is in my hand). One has to wonder how we are going to get it all into a pack. I think I am going to need to hire a Sherpa. I don't have that great of a scale, but with 2 liters of water it is 48 lbs.


Fritz said...

I'm not a complete ultralight fanatic, but wow, 48# seems a bit heavy for a 4 day trip. My pack completely loaded without water is under 30#.

lauren said...

have fun! take lots of pics.

shawnkielty said...


I need to carry less, but when I add 3.5 lbs of camera and 8-10 lbs. of water, we get to 40 lbs. fairly quickly. Ultimately, I cut things from the pack at the last minute to lighten the load, and still it was more than I want to carry.

So my list and gear will need some more work.

Lauren -- Thanks!