Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh Yeah

I thought you said you had a bike. I said I had a broken computer on my bike. The car has a broken speedometer. My daughter borrowed the car. I had to try and register it. My daughter came home from college and she borrowed the car so now I am back on my bike. I have to get my truck on the road again, so I can drive too. My son is learning to drive. I get scared easily.

I miss the new Jane -- I saw her last week and that made me want to move. I have a brand new job, I work where music lives, and I listen to music for a living (not really, but sometimes I am actually supposed to listen to music). It's a good job if you can get it. It's a cool place where people juggle and wear headphones, and ride scooters around in the office, and there's free organic fruit, organic beer, and organic granola. It is less than a block from my old job. The company provides us with free copies of Rolling Stone Magazine. If you're my friend and I recommend you to work there -- they will give me money and I will buy you lunch. Then you can listen to music too, forget to shave, look like Peter Falk, threaten to grow your hair out again, and get paid with organic money. Unfortunately, I can't move right now. I have a new job.

But -- I thought you said you had a bike. Well, it's busy where music lives, and so I don't get to play on the blog quite as much. But, hey -- I still get to ride my bike.


lauren said...

scooters and music and organic fruit at work! WHAT?

what kind of place is THAT?

getting paid to listen to music? that's CRAZY talk!

shawnkielty said...

I know, you've got those terrible working conditions, too, Lauren.

It's got a block long hardwood hallway wide enough room to turn a bike around ... I think we may be talking races.

Jill said...

That is a nice job you have there, Shawn.

shawnkielty said...

Did I mention the draft beer?

Really, Jill. It's a great job. I am ... delighted.

A Midnight Rider said...

So what do you look forward to doing after work?

I'm thinking going to work there is pretty good motivation for getting up in the morning.

Jeff said...

Hmmm...tell us more about this job that you do. Sounds great!

Eclectchick said...

(speechless with envy)

Di said...

Congrats, Shawn!! Sounds like you've finally landed a job you can appreciate and deserve it!! Who may lead you to those other places you wanna go...I have no doubt you'll get there too!