Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gray Whale Cove -- McNee Ranch State Park, CA

Oh -- many of you will recognize this Gray Whale Cove beach. Today I went out for a day on the coast with my friend John -- and took a hike above the the beach right out near Devil's slide, from Montara beach to the beach at Gray Whale Cove. I think we may have hiked 3-4 miles total. Afterwards, we had lunch at some Brewing Company nearby, and then wandered around a bit at Pillar Point Harbor and Princeton.

Despite the current abundance of Humpback whales on the California coast now, and the name of the cove being Gray Whale Cove, we didn't see any whales. It was quite foggy -- so we didn't see much beyond the immediate vicinity. We did hear some sea lions, and see one in the harbor finally.

You can see 89 photos from today here.


Jill said...

Great shots.

It looks like some nice singletrack in that area. Do they allow bikes?

shawnkielty said...

I believe that the particular trail we were on is closed to bikes. look. but the official state park page says yes to bikes. whether it's singletrack or a gravel road is hard to tell.

shawnkielty said...

In San Mateo county ... I believe there are many mountain biking opportunities.