Monday, June 11, 2007

WildFlowers at McNee Ranch

We saw quite a few wildflowers on the hike in McNee Ranch State Park.

View the entire set.


Eclectchick said...

You sure get around. Thank you, as always, for sharing all the beautiful photos.

shawnkielty said...


shawnkielty said...

Any energetic person willing -- feel free to help ID all the flowers ... Here's a place to start.

Jonah said...

Nice flowers.
You may have already identified many of these, but I have some guesses that might help on a few.

MG 0192 – Diplacus aurantiacus – Sticky Monkey Flower
MG 0196 - Calystegia macrostegia – Morning Glory
MG 0197 – Eriogonum latifolium – Coast Buckwheat (the small white puffy flowers – I don’t recognize the yellow flowers)
MG 0199 Dudleya sp. – Liveforever
MG 0218 Erigeron glaucus – Seaside Daisy

shawnkielty said...

Very nice of you jonah! Thanks.