Monday, June 25, 2007

I Took a Week Off from Cycling and ...

... miss the expediency, and my bike riding buddies on the train. The walking has been good though. The pain is receding -- so tomorrow I am taking the new Giant to work.

Me at the bike shop. "It goes pedal, pedal, pedal, clunk ... pedal pedal, pedal, clunk. I think the bottom bracket is out of adjustment."

"It looks ok to me," says the clerk.

"Maybe you should try to ride it."

Well the BB was a 1/4 turn out and there was a few loose things here and there. It's feeling very reliable, and almost brand new. I gave my son my commuter so he is going to ride it to his gig every day. He took all the cool stuff (like the rack) off, cause he wants a faster bike. Go figure.

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A Midnight Rider said...

Kids don't like racks and bags on the bikes they are riding. Looks dorky according to them.

Happy riding.