Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Yep, This morning at preordained time of 6:00, no, 8:00, uh, 9:30 the mushroom girl and I met at the Sawyer Camp trailhead for a 12 mile ride amidst the strollers, bikes, pedestrians, skaters, and the like.

It was a chatty, casual ride and included a bit of a hill climb, and was a nice workout. A bunch of cars were broken into at the trailhead (actually, according to the Sheriff we talked to, 8 cars at various points along skyline road and the trail heads at both ends). It is a hassle to have your stuff get ripped off and your car broken into, not to mention the possible ramifications of having identity violated and credit used.

A short break at the halfway point.

The view of Crystal Springs Reservoir from the trail.

So, then I went home and switched bikes for the Surly ... to take it out to Waterdog Lake for it's maiden voyage. Everything works well and the bike seems very sure-footed. I can see where I might be able to get into more serious trouble.

It was gorgeous out.

The route was three and a half miles, and I plotted the distance/route with the onboard gps and downloaded it to the TOPO map program. I missed the real time speed indications of a computer, so I may have to get one. I do like the added stat's from a gps though, like the 473 feet of elevation change during the ride, and being able to see the elevation plotted on an xy coordinate system. All good.

The implications of using a gps on a bike provide the obvious conclusion that greater wilderness travel than ever before will be possible, despite the typical exclusion of bikes in "wilderness" areas.

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