Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well -- there's that ...

These came in the mail today. They fit my tires and my wheels. I set up a computer on my surly today and when setting the diameter of the wheels that I had surpassed all the options in the table and hadn't seen the tire size. I measured the diameter of the tire. 2335 mm. I am sure this isn't really an accurate assesment of the rolling distance, but it will do for now.

The spare tire is big. Yesterday, I left my Chrome messenger bag on the train. I am pretty sure I won't get that back. It had a pump and a pair of Merrell's in it. I am sad to lose the shoes.

This is the contents of the ordinary seat bag. Patch kit so I can recue my self or others. Crank Brothers tool set, some tire levers, tube, emergency food in case I bonk or go hypothermic, raincoat. I am glad the raincoat wasn't in the messenger bag.


Fritz said...

Sheldon Brown's website has information to translate every oddball tire size into information you can input to your computer.

shawnkielty said...

I looked there ... but he doesn't cover it. Measuring it seemed to be the easiest solution, with the other choice being measurin the actual distance traveled in a single revolution.

I could buy one of those $350 garmin POS gps for bikes.