Sunday, March 9, 2008

... I'm Grounded

The finger injury has me effectively grounded. Period. No climbing. The mushroom girl and I spent the day with her bike. Fixing it up , and buying stuff for it. Well we didn't buy a rack. And lthen we didn't buy tires. And we didn't look at used bikes. And we didn't find a new wheel.

We did tweak on it, oil it a bit, adjust the brakes, and generally spend some time learning about the MGirl's bike and caressing it. We avoiding lunch and then took it for a ride.

today's miles: about 20

temp: warm and windy.

We took the route out by the bay.

It was good out there but the wsurf was up. We rode the ten miles down without breaking a sweat -- talking and chatting. We turned back and into the wind and the conversation stopped. The wind roared and it was a hump getting back. The Mgirl demonstrated her youth by leaving me behind immediately, and I never saw her again until I was back at the truck. At one point I was trying to catch her -- but there was no way for me to bridge the gap.

It's cool though. The Mgirl's bike worked well and the wind gave us a big workout and it was all fun.

Angel and the Mgirl had a birthday tonight. So we drank a bit and shot cutthoat at the pool hall.

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