Friday, October 1, 2010

Bandelier National Monument, near Española, NM

Bandelier National Monument was an interesting place -- a site of ancient ruins from the original Pueblo people. We took the short loop around.


This was cool ...

The city ...

Cliff dwellings.

Viw from inside.

Chuck taking a look inside.

Hal Gould of Camera Obscura Gallery in Denver, alledgedly the first photo gallery in America.

An his awesome camera.


Linda C said...

I will have to return to Santa Fe so I can visit Bandelier. I love the photo of Chuck on the ladder and whom among us will still be hiking and photographing at 94?

shawnkielty said...

I heard Per mention Winter in NM ... and I think I will do it, since I still haven't been to Taos Peublo with a camera. You should plan on it -- Bandelier with snow will be grand -- but I think they might close the trails.

I have snowshoes.