Friday, October 29, 2010

Body Tuning ... err ... Bow Tuning

SO -- Right before deer season this year, I bought a new bow, a Mission BX-1, in a 70 lb draw weight.  Many of you might have noticed, well, that I am not a very big guy.  I could pull a 70 lb. draw weight bow, once maybe.  The guys at Predators short strung it so I could pull it at about 50 pounds of draw.  Since I normally shoot a 50 lb recurve, this was manageable.  50 pounds of draw weight is enough to take down a deer certainly, but might have trouble with a bear or elk. 

Last week I had the shop set it up as it should be and we cranked the weight down to about 60 lbs.  This is a substantial increase.  I had to shoot it about a dozen times at the shop so it would settle in.  This was a challenge.  With a recurve if your body fails you can just pull till there's nothing left and shoot away.   With a compound bow, you have to get over the hump, or it's useless.   I had to rest more than once.

I've been going to the range every day and shooting about a dozen arrows. Every day I try to dial in the 20 yard pin on my sight.  Shoot three arrows, move the sight, shoot three arrows, adjust again.  It's hard enough to pull, so that each set of three shots isn't always accurate.  But I am getting stronger.  Today, it all came together.  I was able to shoot consistently for about 15 shots ... and looky; three bulls eyes at 20 yards.

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