Saturday, October 9, 2010

中国 -- 第三天 三百年一饺子店 (China, Day 3 -- A 300 Year Old Dumpling Shop)

August 5, 2010, Anshan, China.

I had lunch at a famous dumpling place which was about 300 years old, We had several different dumplings with a variety of fillings, incling maybe dog, goat, donkey, horse, pork and beef. Well ... hopefully not dog. I asked several times what the different dumplings were stuffed with but I never quite figured out the answer.

Pine nuts, which were yummy. 
My generous hosts. 


Linda C said...

You are in China?

shawnkielty said...

Hi Linda,

No, I am not. I am trying to catch up on posting from my trip of August 2-13, 2010. Sometimes I forget that everyone in the world doesn't know what I am doing.

You'll notice I added a dateline to the story, so that might help to reduce any confusion about my whereabouts.