Saturday, October 9, 2010

中国 -- 第三天 (China -- Day 3)

August 5, 2010, Anshan China.

It rained fairly significantly over night, and into the morning. There was widespread flooding through Northeast China. No one even slowed down for it.

This is a swing set, in case you're wondering.

This area would be used by folks to sing and play music.  It was empty on this day, presumably, because of the rain.
Wushu training area, according to Babi.
Notice the cat.
There was construction going on everywhere.
This is the gate to the Jade Buddha, which we never saw. 

OK, these look like agapanthus, but I've never seen them in this color. 
Me, with all the trimming of an Asian. 
Babi on a treadmill.

And now a rowing machine.  These were out in a park near his home

Notice this guys shoes.

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