Friday, March 2, 2007

bzzzzzzz, click whirr ...


lauren said...

hey, i know that place!

shawnkielty said...

I like that spot. It's one of the places where the bay gets healthier; It's different than the dismal swamp that was there when I was a kid.

When I was a child we would ride out there and cross the Marina lagoon at the pumphouse (the third crossing, currently), and the current automobile bridge didn't exist.

The current ped/bike bridge shown in this picture handled two lanes of vehicular traffic, to and from the old San Mateo Bridge. It was a very narrow bridge and seriously dangerous for bikes.

The crossing at the pumphouse would close at five or so and if we stayed too late on the other side we would throw our bikes over our shoulders and crawl along the cyclone fence at the pumphouse (sometimes in the approaching dark), rather than dare cross that fatal bridge.

I alwas thought that road,was named after a kid that got killed on a bike on that pedestrian bridge, when it was used for vehicular traffic.

As it turns out it's not -- it's named for the former publisher of the San Mateo Times -- who died tuesday.