Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A long way ...

I am somewhat inspired by Lauren's post describing her commute to work. Did I mention I was jealous, too. It's a very nice ride. For some time now I have been contemplating riding (all the way) to work one day morning a week, in an effort to get my weekly base up to about 125 miles. Currently, if I push it, I can break 100 a week, but even if I am busy, I usually end up at about 75. Adding 15-20 miles will help.

I washed all my riding clothes, especially the padded ones. I never wear the ride specific clothing, but rising temps combined with longer rides seem to imply occasional showers and a change of clothes, and my saddle has been asking me for a little cushioning against my sit bones. So tomorrow I will pack up a shower bag and haul it into work. I have a shower at work.

In trying to plan a route through 17 miles of the SF Peninsula, I discovered several things.

1. There's a bike route map of San Francisco from the SF Bike Coalition
2. San Mateo County has this, which looks like a scary route. I don't like two lane roads with street parking and no bike lane.
3. There are other maps, too, here.
4. It ain't easy to get there from here
5. This is a very nice article (dated) about the progress made in San Francisco for cyclists in recent years.

Maybe this week I will try the full commute. I have something that looks like a route, thanks to mapquest's (thanks fritz, for sharing) "avoid freeways" option. I run the Bay Front trail out to the Airport and then ride Bayshore into South City, and on past Potrero Hill. With an occasional deviation that I'll need to navigate when I get there.

If I can get to work it will mean I can get across the GG bridge which will mean I can get to Alaska... it's all in the journey ...Wish me luck.


Fritz said...

Ahhh! I just posted a long comment and BLOGGER RETURNED AN ERROR!

Long story/short: normal bike commute round trip < 10 miles. Got up early, rode a little extra, total round trip mileage yesterday = 54 miles. Will do a little over 20 miles today round trip. It's a little chilly in the mornings but it seems to be working well to get up a little early to get the mileage in that I want.

shawnkielty said...

Thanks --

There is another possibility which is to get up and ride a nice ten miles out to the bridge and then get on the train and commute as usual. Or ride out to the GG bridge at lunch.

If I do several of those I could quickly add fifty to my weekly tally.